Menilik Eshetu

Computer Engineer

A person with a passion for problem solving and learning about new technology AI, Machine Learning, Robotics...

Enthusiastic Ethiopian Engineer.


Online Learning

Full Courses on C++, Python, Machine Learning, Image processing(Tensor Flow/OpenCV), Face/Object Recognition, Object Tracking, Games are available

Open Source Code

Free And Open Source Codes Are Available on Public Git-hub Repository. You can Practice and Get Experianc

Published & Research Papers

We Provide Online And In Person Training For anyone with free and affordable rate. africa’s largest online academic library. Contact Us !



Online Academic Library

Full Courses on C++, Python, Machine Learning, Image processing(Tensor Flow / OpenCV), Face/Object Recognition, Object Tracking, Games And more Projects/Apps from Beginners to Advanced

Experiance and Profiles

Experience and Profiles

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Research and Software Development, dedicated to advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence research and applications and delivering quality products to customers

Product 2

Engineering Virtual Program in Crack leaked password database at Forage AI

Data Science Intern

Internship Program in Data Science Personal and Professional Skills in Technical and Non-technical Areas.

Deep-Learning AI Specialization

DeepLearning.AI is making a world-class AI education accessible to people around the globe. a global leader in AI. (

AI Based Reputation System Engineer in Platform as a Back-End Developer

MLOps AA Organizer

The MLOps Community fills the swiftly growing need to share real-world Machine Learning Operations best practices from engineers in the field.

Cardano Blockchain Association

 CBAC focuses on the fundamentals of Blockchain technology. Cardano Foundation works to celebrate, encourage, and assist the Cardano ecosystem and provide a number of community outlets and assets while also aiming to equip the different groups with reliable tools and information to help them grow.


Online Blog, Site & Paper

This is Some of the works that i have done in the past including Tech Related Research Papers and software projects

Early Plant Disease Detection and Recommendation Using ML CNN

Research Papers

Identification of the plant diseases is the key to preventing the losses in the yield and quantity of the agricultural product. Almost 70% people depend on it & shares major part of the GDP.we are providing software solution to automatically


Research Publication

How would you take a technical concepts and teach it to a friend or peer


ChatBot Jerry

Meet The Real Time Chatbot called Jerry completly made and Collection of Diffeernt Conversation & Scripts .See and Just have Fun with Jerry

Tech-Related Projects

Tech Related Projects

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